e martë, 19 qershor 2007

Dan Wahlers rips Vinnie Mac a new one

Dan Wahlers lets Vince know how he feels about the death angle.

On behalf of the millions of people you
offended, I’m here to tell you that this entire
storyline is totally, 100 percent WRONG!!!!! It’s
wrong for all of the reasons I mentioned already.
It’s not going to do anything to help your business,
and if anything it’s going to, and already has turned
quite a few people off. You went way over the lines
of human decency, as you have done too many times in
the past.

The exploding limousine was one thing. The worked
stories on WWE.com, the ten bell salute, the
announcers on the air fake crying, the wrestlers
standing on the stage, the video testimonials from
your suck ass, gutless employees, that was all way too
much. It went from being something that might have
actually worked to being something that was just plain
damned disgusting and obscene.

It’s time for you to do the right thing, and end this
fiasco right now. Only you have the power to do it.
Only you have the power to put a stop to this.
Realize and admit that you made a mistake. Realize
and admit that you crossed the line, and offended a
lot of people. Realize and admit that you urinated
all over the memory of the wrestlers that have really
died over the years, and have had the ten bell salute
used to pay respect to them.

Realize and admit that doing something like this is
not the way improve your struggling PPV business, or
prop up your TV ratings. Realize and admit that the
death of "Sensational" Sherri Martel this past Friday
proves once again that death, and especially deaths in
wrestling is not something to be used as material for
your next storyline. Death is not something to be
trivialized in any way. It’s something that affects
people every day in the most real and tragic of ways.
Think about how those people feel watching trash like
this? Do you even care? I don’t know that you do.

I ask you to please pull the plug on this storyline
now. Use the idea I mentioned last week, about "your
body" being found badly burned, and the Mr, McMahon
character disappearing to recover for however many
months you want. That way you get away from the death
aspect of it, and you can build a reasonable storyline
for your return, which is what we all know you want to
do anyway.

But get away from the death aspect of the storyline.
End it all right here, and right now. Do the right
thing for once. Please. If you don’t, you will find
out in time that this was one of the biggest mistakes
you’ve ever made business-wise. And considering the
many blunders and missteps in your career, Vince, that
covers a hell of a lot of ground.

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